Min Mahagiri

Min Mahagiri
   Known as the "Lord of the Great Mountain," he is one of the principal gods included in the pantheon of Thirty-seven Nats established by King Anawrahta. According to legend, he was a blacksmith of great strength, whose powers were feared by the king of Tagaung. The king married the blacksmith's beautiful sister and then treacherously invited the brother to come to his court. The blacksmith was bound to a tree and burned to death. His sister, who is known as Taunggyi Shin, or more popularly "Lady Golden Face," threw herself on the pyre and perished with her brother. Their images are enshrined at Mount Popa. Min Mahagiri also serves as the nat protector of households, whose presence is symbolized by an unhusked coconut hung from a high pillar, to which family members give daily offerings.

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.

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